How’s Married Life…?

People are interesting. They will ask a wide range of questions when they know you have had a recent life event. It doesn’t seem to matter much if that event is a new job, a new car, a wedding, or even a birthday. People like to ask questions. We are curious beings, it is in our nature. This is how science has advanced bring the ability for me to sit in my apartment at 5:40 am and type out this blog post and publish it for the world to see all in a matter of a clicks.

This curiosity takes an interesting toll though after one gets married, and not on the part of who got married necessarily, but on those around them. Having been married for a month now I can’t tell you the number of times I have been asked “how’s married life”, “how’s married life treating?”, or even “you are still married right?” (granted that last one is jokingly, but you get my point),

Now, I’m a pretty easy going person, and it doesn’t bother me to tell people over and over that married life has been great so far. Nor does it bother me that it is still every couple of days that someone will ask some variation of this question. I do find the responses interesting though. I imagine some are expecting a long answer with details about why it is so great and others are most likely expecting me to go on and on about how wonderful it is to be with the person you love all the time. There are some who ask to be polite and are probably thrilled that I don’t go on and on with all the daily details about how wonderful married life is and then there are still some people who when I say it has been good just smile and reply with something like “just wait” or a chuckle.

Those are some wide range of responses, and I don’t claim to know why certain people react the way they do. It hasn’t seemed to matter how well one does or does not know you. Nor can I really correlate it to a certain personality type. It just seems to be something in the human DNA that drives us to be curious whether we are truly interested in ones personal life, or just merely curious for the sake of being curious so we can know more about the world around us. Curiosity will continue to cause people to ask questions like “how’s married life treating you?” to a newly wed couple, “how’s being X age” right after one’s birthday, or any other number of questions that can’t be answered in such a short period of time passing since the event.



Oh, and just in case you didn’t pick up on it: married life has been great.

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