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Episode 7 – Power Rangers’ New Enemies Will Have Bionics

Welcome to another episode of The Weekly Flare. This week is very bionic heavy as we talk a man with a bionic eye and a different man with a bionic arm. Also a very non bionic search for a groundhog. Then we

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Episode 6 – Garcia is a Martian and Doesn’t Want to Go Home

Welcome back! We have new microphones this week. So be sure and listen and let us know if the sound quality is better. This week we have four quick stories about 3D Printed Prosthetics, Police taking a fellow officers daughter

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Episode 5 – Robot Dogs Chasing Penguins in Sweaters

This week we talk about a lady giving a kidney and getting engaged, Russell Wilson visiting a Children’s Hospital, penguins in sweaters, and a family car wash. We also look at our future robot overlords and their robot dogs, NASA

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The Wonderful World of Importing Amiibo


If you have spent any time recently in a store that sells video games you may have noticed the hundreds of little figures marked Skylanders, Disney Infinity, or, the most recent addition from Nintendo, Amiibo. While these all use a

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Episode 4 – 21 Miles Until Taylor Swift Can Print Her Selfies

Join us as we discuss a teen playing guitar with a 3D printed arm, some firefighters shoveling a victim’s snow, and a man who walks 21 miles to work everyday. Also witness the ongoing drama surrounding zombie cat who’s not so

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