Episode 6 – Garcia is a Martian and Doesn’t Want to Go Home

Welcome back! We have new microphones this week. So be sure and listen and let us know if the sound quality is better.

This week we have four quick stories about 3D Printed Prosthetics, Police taking a fellow officers daughter to the Father-Daughter Dance, a boy stopping his mom’s car to shovel snow, and a dog runs 20 blocks to the hospital. We then have a short rant about manned missions to Mars and the 100 candidates for the Mars One mission.

Chris talks Night at the Museum 3 and James talks more about Amiibo. Also, we look back at Valentine’s Day and how no one contacted Chris even after we tried so hard.

Thanks for listening, and send us your feedback, we might even address it on air next week.

Episode 6 – Garcia is a Martian and Doesn’t Want to Go Home

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Where You Are Now
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