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Episode 11 – Not Even Scully and Mulder Understand the Pixels Movie

Welcome back everyone to another episode. The guys from the Combo Starters podcast join us this week as we talk about a new drug approved by the FDA for lung cancer treatment and a real life force field by Boeing.

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Episode 10 – We Take YouTube by Storm Riding an Emoji Quadcopter

Welcome back! We made it to Episode 10. It’s been a fun ride and we look forward to many, many more episodes with you guys. This week we enter the world of YouTube. I’m still trying to work out the

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Episode 9 – Urine Powered Rockets Take the Foo Fighters to Jupiter’s Moon

Welcome to another episode. We are one week away from week 10 where we have some major stuff planned, but this week we have a special guest. Join us as we talk Spider-Man giving away food and Foo Fighters giving

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Episode 8 – Rock Band 4 Saves the Day

Here is another great episode covering Rock Band 4, Tie Interceptor Drone, and SpaceX is profitable. Other stories include a new VR headset, rare Amiibo will soon be less rare, I tell Chris how I got a Gold Mario Amiibo

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Expanding Universe

Is the universe expanding, or are we just getting better at seeing further and further info the universe? This is the question that has occupied a decent amount of my attention lately. For no real reason other then I thought

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