Expanding Universe

Is the universe expanding, or are we just getting better at seeing further and further info the universe? This is the question that has occupied a decent amount of my attention lately. For no real reason other then I thought about it and now I can’t stop.

If the universe really is expanding I don’t have a hard time wrapping my mind around that. That is until I begin to introduce the idea of entropy and that left to it’s own everything is entering into a state of disorder: that is to say everything is constantly decaying. How can the universe be constantly decaying and yet also be expanding? Perhaps due to the conservation of mass, but even still I have a difficult time with that explanation.

Now, if it is merely a matter of we are just getting better at seeing further and further into space I have a much easier time wrapping my head around that, but it is not without it’s own set of issues. Mainly, what does the end of the universe look like? Is it round and we’ll eventually see ourselves looking out into space? Is it some other shape that eventually loops back on itself like a capsule perhaps? Or is it flat, and the end is just black nothingness that once entered results in an immediate game over?

As you can see, neither has a satisfying answer and so I will continue to ponder.

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