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Double Hand Transplant? Give this Kid the New Moto X Pure Edition (Episode 29)

Sorry we are late this week, but we are here and we have a pretty spectacular show for you. We talk about a kid getting a double hand transplant, Motorola putting SD card slots back in their phones, and so

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The Whole30 – Day 3 through 9


Fear not my fellow readers, Rachel and I are still fully on board with the Whole30. In fact, we had dinner with her family Saturday night and my family Sunday night and still managed to stick to the plan. So

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Where Pets are Happy Flying and Phones are Happy Charging (Episode 28)

  This week we have a wide range of news for you from painting to how JFK airport is helping your pets fly in style, from a sweet charging adapter for you phone to the¬†successful launch of the Russian Soyuz.

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The Whole30 – Day 2


Breakfast this morning consisted of the same as yesterday; eggs with salsa and half an avocado. This time, however, I only had two eggs because three eggs in the morning is three more eggs than I want to eat. We

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The Whole30 – Day 1

Rachel and I decided to start this food program called The Whole30. It is more or less a paleo diet. The exact way they introduce it on their website is like this: Certain food groups (like sugar, grains, dairy and

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We’ve Finally Seen Pluto Up Close and It’s Awesome! (Episode 27)

This week we talk about something that pretty much everyone else is talking about (Hey, we’re allowed to follow the crowd sometimes). That is of course, the pictures of Pluto sent back from New Horizons. We also talk about some

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Where We Made it 6 Months and Didn’t Even Talk About it. (Episode 26)

  This week we talk about your favorite pop culture news stories ranging from what Taylor Swift does with $50,000 to Johnny Depp dressing up like a pirate. We also discuss how subscription based software is a trend and we

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Where Giant Fighting Robots Battle Over Free Haircuts. (Episode 25)

Thanks to all of you for helping us make it to episode 25. Because all of you take the time to listen we now have an offer from Audible for a 30 day free trial if you go to

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