The Whole30 – Day 2


Breakfast this morning consisted of the same as yesterday; eggs with salsa and half an avocado. This time, however, I only had two eggs because three eggs in the morning is three more eggs than I want to eat. We did think you would all like to see a picture off this wonderful meal though, so there it is. I think tomorrow we are going to try something different, so be on the look out for that.

Lunch has no picture as I worked through lunch today, but it was leftover sweet potato soup (Rachel had left over chicken and an apple). The soup tasted the same a day later, so that’s good if you want to make a lot and then take it for lunch or just not have to cook as often.

Dinner was another round of chicken and potatoes.


Yes, we like chicken and potatoes. It is easy, it tastes great, and you can put a lot of different seasonings on it. As an added bonus, due to the way the Whole30 has it’s plan laid out you can put salt on your food. Now, I personally don’t put salt on stuff, but Rachel likes to and so it is a good day for her that the book says it is okay to use salt.

After two days of eating this way, I feel fine. I haven’t experienced any of the withdrawal symptoms that a lot of people experience when eating this way, but it is also only day two. So there is still the rest of the week to get through before I can really say I made it through the first week without any negative side effects from my body readjusting to the kinds of food it is digesting. I will continue to keep you guys posted.

Also, sorry for the short post, but it is almost time to start podcasting, but I wanted to make sure and get this up.

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One comment on “The Whole30 – Day 2
  1. Steve says:

    Eggs…..why all the hate?????

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