The Whole30 – Day 3 through 9

Fear not my fellow readers, Rachel and I are still fully on board with the Whole30. In fact, we had dinner with her family Saturday night and my family Sunday night and still managed to stick to the plan. So rest easy knowing that the lack of posts has not been because we have been cheating, but merely because I am not great at this blogging thing when my nights get busy. Now that that is out of the way, on to how the week has been.

We have had a few different meals for dinner now and can say that what you eat on this plan tastes great, it just takes more time to prepare. We have found that the turkey sausage and sweet potato fries with eggs is great for breakfast and have probably had that every day since the last post.


It tastes great, and is pretty simple to make which is important in the morning. Moving on to lunch for the week which has mostly consisted of either left overs from the night before or chicken with potatoes and broccoli, which is fine with me. Dinner has been great. We had spaghetti squash and chicken meatballs:


And we also had steak and vegetables a few times:


As you can see, we have been eating quite well. Throw in some fruit and veggies not shown and you pretty much have everything we’ve been eating this week. I’ve found the hardest thing is not eating food that is not approved during the Whole30 but actually getting enough calories. As a 6′ 2″ 140ish lbs guy, its important that I get enough calories as MyFitnessPal already is constantly telling me that my BMI is too low, but other than that it hasn’t been bad.

Even shopping has been pretty good as you can see in the picture below.


See, doesn’t that look great? Yes, it is pretty much just all produce, but it is pretty nice making everything ourselves. We had heard that after a week or so in that you would really start to feel the effects of not having all the extra sugar and additives but we haven’t really felt that way. Not to say I don’t feel great, I am full all day and don’t find myself feeling hungry between meals. I also can’t say that I feel any withdrawal symptoms from not having all the extra sugar and stuff that is in a lot of things and I do miss bread, mostly because I like pizza.

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