Moto X Pure Edition and Orcs in New York City (Episode 36)

The Moto X Pure Edition is out, but that doesn’t mean you can activate it on Verizon yet¬†and it looks like Verizon is ready to activate your device. In other news, it looks like there are Orcs walking around New York City. Either that or there are just some very clever people out there who are much better at Photoshop than I am (hint: it’s probably the latter). We also talk about these twins who were separated at birth and found each other almost 70 years later.

After you are done checking out all of that, we really think you should go check out this video made by some refugees from the Dominican Republic of the Congo. It has a very zombie-like theme. The gear supplied in the refugee camp is limited and the result is pretty good for not having any experience and not having seen a zombie film. They said they made it to help others in the camp deal with the trauma that resulted in them being at the camp in the first place and we approve.

Thank you for listening.

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Episode 36 – Moto X Pure Edition and Orcs in New York City

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