Back to the Future Day Edition (Episode 40)

Good news everyone, Chris decided to return just in time for episode 40. I think it is a great milestone, but Chris isn’t so sure about it. Nonetheless, we have a great show for you today that starts off with us wishing all of you a happy Back to the Future day and then deciding that no matter how you feel about hoverboards not being a thing we can all be glad the fashion shown in the movie is not a thing.

After that is out of the way, we move on to talking about a pizza guy that was tipped $1,900. Yes, you did read that correct and no it isn’t a typo. We also talk about an app that is being developed to help veterans with PTSD sleep better.

After the break we delve into AmazonFresh and the fact that the sun has a hole and then do a terrible job explaining how this affects us here on earth, but it is rather entertaining. Finally, after everything else has been said, we had to talk about the Star Wars trailer that came out and how it broke the internet.

Thank you for listening.

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Episode 40 – Back to the Future Day Edition

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