Halo 5 Came Out So Chris Bought a PS4. Wait, What? (Episode 41)


It is Halo 5 launch week and what better way to celebrate than to buy a PS4? Well, if your name is Chris Garcia that is exactly what you did. Fear not, the title is not just click bait, we do talk about Halo 5 as well as Chris having bought a PS4.

We then move on to taking a look at a New York soup kitchen that offers food to not just those in need, but also to their pets. How great is that? And if that isn’t good enough for you, Robert Downey Jr. does something that should.

Of course, you may just be listening for the second half of the show, in which case we talk about YouTube RED, because we totally missed it last week while we were recording and we wanted to chime in on the subject. We also talk about a small victory for all of us when the Library of Congress made a great decision about how you can use software you purchase, and we wrap it all up by looking at the number of smartphone users in the United States.

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