Food, Rockets, and Captain America (Episode 45)


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! And for the rest of the world…Happy Thursday…Or Friday…or whatever day it is right now. This week we talk about this guy from Michigan that is feeding a lot of people because he wants to and we also check out a tattoo artist who helped a kid.

Then, later in the show, we look at Blue Origin’s historic landing, and why it is amazing and yet pretty different from what SpaceX is trying to do. We also are looking to you to help Mystery Science Theater 3000 get more episodes thanks to a Kickstart project.

We then wrap the show up talking about the new Captain America Civil War trailer that just came out and more about Star Wars Battlefront.


Thank you so much for listening we hope to hear from you.

Because all of you take the time to listen we now have an offer from Audible for a 30 day free trial if you go to

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