WWE 2K18, Star Citizen, and Injustice 2


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One comment on “WWE 2K18, Star Citizen, and Injustice 2
  1. Felix says:

    I have never listened your show before but I’m glad I found your show.

    There was some things I disagree with you. The scope of Star Citizen has changed dramatically since planned Kickstarter 2014 release. It is multiple times of more ambitious and bigger project now so I wouldn’t say the release is late from 2014 since we are not talking about the same project anymore.

    Star Citizen will be very different game compared to Elite Dangerous, EVE or No Man’s Sky and therefore I don’t see any of those can be played as replacement for Star Citizen. Sure, there are some overlapping features but if you compare Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.3 you see already a huge difference. Star Citizen is about the character and the universe is about the depth instead of width – they have only 100 star systems instead of billions/2^64 as in Elite Dangerous or No Man’s Sky.

    CIG is currently very focused implementing and adding already planned features. They definitely will add new features later – just like any other MMO games – once core game has been released. It is worth to remember that they are also working on another game at the same time, Squadron 42.
    Upcoming Alpha 3.0 version will integrate multiple of core technologies into the game; procedurally generated (+hand crafted) planets/moon tech, item system 2.0, loot system 2.0, first iteration of economy, etc.

    I recommend to watch their development videos and summaries from BoredGamer.

    Official development videos:


    I look forward to listen your upcoming episodes and hear more talk about many great new space games.

    Happy gaming.

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