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The Whole30 – Day 3 through 9


Fear not my fellow readers, Rachel and I are still fully on board with the Whole30. In fact, we had dinner with her family Saturday night and my family Sunday night and still managed to stick to the plan. So

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The Whole30 – Day 2


Breakfast this morning consisted of the same as yesterday; eggs with salsa and half an avocado. This time, however, I only had two eggs because three eggs in the morning is three more eggs than I want to eat. We

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The Whole30 – Day 1

Rachel and I decided to start this food program called The Whole30. It is more or less a paleo diet. The exact way they introduce it on their website is like this: Certain food groups (like sugar, grains, dairy and

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Expanding Universe

Is the universe expanding, or are we just getting better at seeing further and further info the universe? This is the question that has occupied a decent amount of my attention lately. For no real reason other then I thought

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The Wonderful World of Importing Amiibo


If you have spent any time recently in a store that sells video games you may have noticed the hundreds of little figures marked Skylanders, Disney Infinity, or, the most recent addition from Nintendo, Amiibo. While these all use a

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Solar Charging for your Phone?

If you have a smartphone you have reached that point where you are away from a charger and need a charge. In a frantic search you begin to ask those around you if they have a charger you can borrow,

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How’s Married Life…?

People are interesting. They will ask a wide range of questions when they know you have had a recent life event. It doesn’t seem to matter much if that event is a new job, a new car, a wedding, or

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Happy MLK Day

Good morning and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Whether you find yourself working today or not take some time and remember the hard fought battles this country has gone through for the rights of all men and women. Have

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Hello, and welcome to our page. We are going to be doing a weekly podcast. The plan is to have it post Thursday night sometime. Topics will vary from interesting stories, to movies, to video games, to interesting things going

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